Acquired “The strategic basic technological upgrade support business” at Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry

Our business plan as following was adopted for the research and development plan for 2010 fiscal year in Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry.

Development of quality control system in fermented food manufacturing for microorganism anti-pollution:
The hygiene management technology that recovers the hygienic condition by comparing micro Flore of the contaminating microorganism detected from the product and the partly finished product for the microbial contamination in the fermented food manufacturing with micro Flore of the manufacturing process and the raw material, specifying the polluter and the pollutant pathway based on the degree of similarity, and doing the cleaning purification in a short time is established. Moreover, the medium sets and the polluter retrieval data base for the micro Flore analysis that causes the rot of the fermented food intended for the lactic acid bacterium group and the heatproof bacterium group are developed.